Justin Timberlake Helps Announce Fan's Pregnancy At Concert

This is just the sweetest!

While Justin Timberlake is probably more used to seeing "Will You Marry Me" signs amongst the crowd at his concert, a sign of a different nature caught his attention at his latest gig.

So much so that he stopped his entire concert to go down and grab the sign so he could read it out...

Turns out Baby Bax will be welcomed to the world in November 2018!

Mum to be Darcell Baxtresser hadn't even shared the news with her family or friends at the time of the announcement, so she had to quickly rectify that after friends at the concert began congratulating her. 

What a way to announce your pregnancy! 

"This was the most amazing, magical, unforgettable moment I have ever had in my life!!!" Darcell posted on Facebook. 

"My first love to announce my pregnancy was crazy!!!

"A truly special memory I will forever cherish!! Thank you!!"

So adorable! 

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