Kanye Trolled By Justin Bieber, 5SOS, Nick Jonas & More

Image: YouTube/BBC Radio 1

Kanye West's "Famous" video has been trolled, in a big way.

Kanye's "Famous" video (very NSFW) which displays various celebrities laying nude in a bed as the camera pans over them was meant to be an arty look at how society lays celebrities bare for scrutinizing. However, most people certainly did not see it that way and found the video quite offensive.

Now, with the help of various celebrities including Justin Bieber, Troye Sivan, Nick Jonas, Meghan Trainor, Carly Rae Jepsen, Craig David, Cheryl, 5SOS and more, BBC Radio 1 have produced their own "safe for work" version perfectly trolling Kanye at his own game.

See all the stars in bed with each other below!

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