Kim K Just Released Vid Of Taylor Okay-ing 'Famous' Lyrics

WARNING: graphic language

Gee, Taylor Swift really isn’t having a good run… is she?

In the wake of the drama surrounding her and Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris - and Katy Perry - one of her former ghosts have also paid her a visit.

Yep, just as the beef between she and Kanye was settling down, Kim Kardashian’s gone and brought in a hail storm.

Yep, she’s really done now.

Remember when Kanye released that song ‘Famous’ about Taylor?

Remember when she was ‘outraged about the lyrics?

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, Why? I made that bitch famous, God damn, I made that bitch famous.”

Well, Kim Kardashian has just uploaded several snapchats of a video that was filmed as Kanye was calling Taylor to run those lyrics by her.

The video shows what definitely sounds like, although this is not yet confirmed, Taylor's voice agreeing to the exact lyrics as well as thanking Kanye for those flowers he sent her way back when.

My advice? Check snapchat now!!

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