Lady Gaga Guides Fans Into A Calm Direction

Lady Gaga, like the rest of the world, is feeling helpless by the senseless shooting in Las Vegas overnight.

The Mother Monster, like many other celebrities, use their social media to spread love to their legions of fans and this time, she used it to spread calm across the globe.

Gaga took to her Instagram Live today to hold a 20 minute meditation in order to help her fans and followers amid the tragedy.

She repeated the mantras, "I am calm, I am light" after explaining how meditation helps her in times of need.

"I hope that you all enjoyed that as much as I did. That sort of quiet time and meditation really helps me with my mental health, and I think it's important,” she said after the mediation. “I think if we can all focus on ourselves being calmer and calmer every day, I really believe the world will become calmer and calmer every day because we really are all just one body all connected together."

"I love you, and I'm getting better every single day, little by little."

Gaga's heart is certainly in the right place.

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