Major A-Lister Sued For Infecting Partner With HERPES

RadarOnline are reporting that a major A-list performer has been forced to settle a million-dollar lawsuit after knowingly infecting his partner with genital herpes.

According to legal documents, an unnamed celebrity stylist launched proceedings against RnB singer Usher claiming he had exposed her to the sexually transmitted disease after he contracted it in 2009 or 2010.

While the papers allege the 38-year-old was an asymptomatic carrier - meaning he had no signs of the infection - they do reveal that a "'greenish discharge' once oozed from the performer's penis'.

Despite his concerns, Usher convinced the woman that an STD test had come back negative and they continued to have unprotected sex.

"Believing Raymond's statements that it had been nothing and cleared up, [she] continued her relationship," the victim's lawyer said in the complaint.

Three weeks later she began "feeling very sick" with a "fever of 100 degrees, chills, headache, aches and pains" and "developed lesions and blisters in her vagina".

When the anonymous women discovered that she had contracted herpes she confronted the singer, who soon after confirmed that he was a carrier of the disease.

"In a series of telephone conversations and online chat sessions, [Usher] has apologised for infecting [her] and told her he would take care of things."

The case was settled on December 28, 2012, with Usher paying $1.1 million to his "emotionally distressed" ex.

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