Mighty Ducks Actor Arrested 'Behaving Erratically'

One of our favourite trilogies of all time is the Mighty Ducks. 

So this mugshot made us particularly sad. 

Mighty Ducks actor Shaun Weiss (who played the loveable goalie Goldberg) was arrested in California on the weekend while high on drugs. 

The now 38 year old was held in custody for a number of hours as he sobered up, before being released. 


The man was allegedly found with three other individuals acting bizarre with flashlights. 

At one stage it is said that Weiss was shining the flashlight into his own eyes. 

A police officer at the scene did however say that Weiss was anything but combative - instead was quite 'witty' with his humour during the arrest. 

Weiss was released without charge. 

In 2017 the actor had been charged with misdemeanor meth possession and sentenced to 90 days jail time, according to E News. 

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