Billy Ray Cyrus Just Confirmed Some VERY Exciting News

Those Miley Cyrus rumours are true!

A few days ago, Billy Ray Cyrus posted an instagram photo of Miley in a white dress looking very goddess-like. His caption reading, "I'm so are happy @MileyCyrus", really didn't give us many clues, an immediatly rumours of her secret marriage with Liam Hemsworth started spreading.

I'm so are happy @mileycyrus.

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Billy Ray has since shut down the wedding rumours, by reposting the same picture with the caption, "Whoa! Don't jump the gun. Been at work #StillTheKing Glad to see so many love @MileyCyrus the same as I do #happy."

However, he may have confirmed some other exciting news...

It's been almost two years since we heard any new Miley music - in 2015 Miley released her fifth studio album via SoundCloud, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, while 2013 saw the release of Bangerz. So naturally, her fans are ready for some fresh tunes.

In a Twitter spree, Billy Ray just happened to retweet a fans comment reading " fav/retweet this tweet if miley is working on her new album."




No word on WHEN, but we're excited!

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