Miley Cyrus Releases Powerful Mother’s Daughter Music Video

The old Miley is officially BACK people!

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While we still loved the calm, free spirited Miley that we saw in her music video for ‘Malibu’, her latest video is a refreshing, far cry from this and is actually more similar to the Miley in her ‘Wrecking Ball’ days when she wasn’t afraid to push the envelope.

Miley Cyrus today announced on Instagram that the video has been released for her hit new song Mother’s Daughter and while it kind of shocked us at first with how bold and eccentric it is, we actually LOVE it and it’s powerful message.

The song itself is one big feminist anthem about campaigning for pro-choice and women’s rights, and also lets everyone out there know that they can’t make choices that affect a woman’s body.

Or in Miley’s words, that they can’t f**k with her freedom.

It came after the Alabama state Senate in the US passed laws to ban abortion and make it punishable with a jail sentence.

In the video, Miley pays tribute to women of all shapes, sizes, identities, colours and abilities, using various messaging and imagery to demonstrate the idea of freedom.

Speaking about the video, director Alexandre Moors said that he worked hard on the concept with Miley to create a message about women being in control of their bodies.

“The video is about the woman’s body - the right to own your body and make it free from the male gaze, in any way shape and form,” he said to The Times.

“It’s a broad message, and we're not trying to be dogmatic. But we're living in difficult times in America, and what I get from this video is that it injects a lot of energy and determination and the right fuel for the struggle.”

You can watch the video for yourself here!

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