P.Diddy Has Actually Changed His Name To ‘Love’

P.Diddy has made a public service announcement on his Facebook page recently, announcing via video that he will be changing his name for the fifth time.

What’s up ya’ll, I have some very, very serious news,’ he starts.

‘I’ve been playing on this, and I decided, I know it’s risky, or corny to some people… I decided to change my name again.’

It’s ALMOST as if he realises how silly it is in that moment, as the words come out of his mouth.

‘I’m just not who I am… before. I’m something different. So my new name is ‘Love’, aka ‘Brother Love’.’

‘I will not be answering to ‘Puffy’, ‘Diddy’, ‘Puff Daddy’ or any of my other monikers.’

He then went on to thank God.

And we thank God for YOU Puf… LOVE.

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