Pink’s New Video Features Channing Tatum Dressed As A Woman

If you’re a P!nk fan, you’ll know better than most that she doesn’t often do things by the book.

She also speaks truth, and often uses her music to address bigger issues, providing some education, in the hopes of breeding understanding.


Like when she was coming up with the concept for the video for ‘Beautiful Trauma’, not many people would have the bullocks to ask Channing Tatum to dress as a 1950s husband with a drinking problem - and then literally hiding in the closet dressed as a woman. But that’s precisely what she did.

The video to her hit song shows P!nk and Channing Tatum living in a 1950s setting, where she’s the housewife with a pill popping problem, and he’s the husband with a drinking problem.


They also do a series of choreographed dances, followed by a bizarre dominatrix scene…

Yeah, you better just watch…

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