Queen Of Pop MADONNA Talks To Andrew Denton

In an exclusive Australian interview for Channel 7 with Andrew Denton, Madonna promotes her fourteenth studio album Madame X, which dropped just days ago (!!!) on June 14, and the ideas behind the persona that she has created for the album.

Madonna has been sporting a fabulous eyepatch featuring a bedazzled 'X' to help promote this version of herself - Madame X.


In the above sneak peak, Denton goes through all the different 'identities' of the Madame X persona; a professor, an equestrian, a housekeeper, a prostitute and a head of state. Denton then asks, "Are these creations, or are these a part of you?" 

Madonna replies, "They're both. They're ways that I've felt, things that I've done, and it's also my point of view about the marvellous and wonderful and magical things that a woman can do... I feel like I am all of those women."


One thing is certainly for sure; The Queen of Pop is a chameleon of characters, and we LOVE her for it.

You can watch the whole interview on 7Plus here.

"BE DARING." - Madonna

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