Sam Smith Is Insanely Single And He Wants You To Know About

Sam Smith Is Insanely Single And He Wants You To Know About It

You guys, Sam Smith is single – like really, really single.

The soulful singer did an interview with Apple radio station Beats 1 and spoke about how his #singlelyfe has played a huge part in his song writing including his first album.

"The only thing is that I'm still very, very single," Smith said. "I think I'm even more single than I was when I released In the Lonely Hour. So, I'm insanely single."

Even though he’s feeling the singular status, the singer has tried to challenge himself with “heavier stuff” and his new music, Too Good At Goodbyes is about a relationship he was in.

"What I've been through relationship-wise the last year has made me a lot stronger," he said, "and I feel like I've learned some lessons from it."

Even though he takes a lot from his personal life, his new album isn’t just about him.

The record contains 10 songs on one version and 14 on the other – and are mostly about other people in his life.

When Smith was asked about the "most challenging" and "greatest" times in his life, he spoke about getting back on "the same page" as his family and friends.

"My fame and what happens when you become well known really scared me," he said. "I became very distant to my family and friends just because our lives weren't relatable. So, that was really tough for me. When I'm not close to my family I freak out and I'm just not the best person I could be. Then, I'd say the best moments were just being here for them. For it to not be about me for one year was absolutely wonderful. I was there to see my goddaughter be born. I've been at every single birthday for my mum and my dad, sister and my cousins, my best friends. I'm there for down days and their good days. My sisters' graduation—I was there for both of them. It was incredible."

You can hear the whole interview here.

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