Selena Gomez Takes A Nasty Dig At Justin Beiber In Vogue

Selena Gomez has, for the most part, been the bigger person since her split from Justin Bieber.

But on the odd occasion that she does lose it at her ex, she does it in spectacular fashion; who could forget the time she told everyone on national TV that she'd made him cry?


Or when she got all up in Bieb's comments, suggesting that maybe he shouldn't plaster his blink-and-you'll-miss-'em relationships on Instagram if he didn't want people to pass judgement.


Dayum Sel. Way harsh.

Anyway, our beloved ex-Disney star has taken another dig at her bad boy beau in the classiest way possible - on the cover of US Vogue.

The 24-year-old opened up about her decision to enter rehab, saying that her 90-day stint out of the spotlight helped her figure out who she really is.

"Tours are a really lonely place for me," she said. "My self-esteem was shot. I was depressed, anxious. 

"I started to have panic attacks right before getting onstage, or right after leaving the stage. Basically I felt I wasn't good enough, wasn't capable.

Selena continued: "I felt I wasn't giving my fans anything, and they should see it - which, I think, was a complete distortion.

"I was so used to performing for kids... Suddenly, I have kids smoking and drinking at my shows, people in their 20s, 30s, and I'm looking into their eyes, and I don't know what to say."

But, Selena says, rehab helped her heal so that she could continue to give her adoring fans everything she had - something Justin refused to do.

"Somebody I used to hang out with would always get very frustrated with me," she swiped. "But I have a hard time saying no to children."

Sel took to Instagram to share some of the gorgeous pics from her interview, before revealing that she was "nervous at how honest I was" and thanking the journalist, Rob Haskell, for "depicting where I'm at perfectly."

Meanwhile, Bieber just this week slammed a fan looking for a selfie, telling her she "made [him] sick".



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