Sia Finally Took Off Her Wig And We Can See Her Face!

Look, we KNOW that if we really wanted to see what Sia looked like under her wig, all we had to do was Google it.

But it felt like we were ruining the magic; if Sia didn't want us to see her wig-less, we didn't want to see her wig-less. 

What Sia says, goes.

Until she took a stroll through LAX Airport without a single hair covering her face and we were like, "IS THAT SIA?!"

And it was! Looking like the actual love child of Renée Zellweger and Ellen Pompeo, the 41-year-old ditched her iconic black-and-blonde wig to catch a flight, presumably because it would be an actual nightmare to get through security with it on.

💗💗💗 Sem disfarces, #Sia foi fotografada enquanto chegava ao aeroporto LAX, em Los Angeles.

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The Aussie native has spoken in the past about her decision to cover her face when appearing in public, explaining that her struggles with drug addiction and depression in the late '90s had made her apprehensive about fame.

Sia also told James Corden that she felt like the pop industry was missing ~mystery~, and this was one way to fix that.

It's kind of like seeing Santa without his red suit on, though. He's still Santa, and Sia's still mysterious.

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