Swifties, Emotionally Prepare Yourself for 'Reputation'

Despite kicking off her new era to an enormous amount of success, Taylor Swift has been on the DL, particularly keeping out of the public spotlight.

It's a different kind of tactic compared to the build up to the release of 1989, but according to a new report by Rolling Stone, this LP will indeed include plenty of cuts that bring listeners closer to the headspace of the pop star.

According to a source close to the magazine, Swift forthcoming album, which is scheduled to drop November 10 and serves as the follow-up to her blockbuster 2014 LP, will be "lyrically sharper and more emotionally complex."

Reputation's lead single, "Look What You Made Me Do," is still riding high on the charts.

Additionally, the music video became the most-watched clip ever within 24 hours of its release, but the smash has also topped the charts in fifteen countries and received platinum certifications in both Australia and Canada.

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