Ladies And Gents, The Next 'Despacito' Has Arrived

Ever since Justin Bieber the piece of musical gold that is ‘Despacito’ and took it soaring heights as the undisputed song of the year, we’ve been asking ourselves - which song will knock it off its perch?!

Well, we may have a strong contender on our hands.

A newbie from Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi, the man who CREATED Despacito, is about to drop.


Though we haven’t heard the song as yet, we’ve been blessed with a video clip showing Ms Lovato looking INSANELY beautiful in a Spanish-style red ensemble and head scarf. It looks EPIC you guys.

The song is called ‘Echame La Culpa’ and the dancing looks enough to get you out of your DAMN CHAIR!

Watch this space…

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