The Britney Spears Vs Katy Perry Feud Just Got Biblical

Queen Britney isn't shy of a little controversy, and when Katy Perry recently threw shade at her on the GRAMMYs red carpet, she was never going to sit there silently.

Perry in fact threw shade twice, with the same comment about shaving her head. When asked about her new hairstyle, she replied the only style she hadn't yet tried was shaving her head, a dig at Britney's mental breakdown back in 2007.

You remember it, here's a refresher in case you don't...

Britney Spears Shaved Head

Photo: Getty Images

Well now Britney has hit back, in a very biblical kind of way.

Taking a verse from Luke 6:45, Spears retorted with, "Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart." A fitting reference perhaps intended to sting a little more given Perry's religious parents??

Oh yeah she did. Your move, Perry.

h/t: Maxim

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