The Chainsmokers Tease Epic 'Closer' Remix

The Chainsmokers are on an absolute roll at the moment, first with 'Roses', then 'Don't Let Me Down', and now 'Closer' reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, they're seemingly unstoppable.

And this latest track feat Halsey isn't done yet. It's lyrically and musically one of the catchiest dance tracks we've heard in... forever, but we've only heard one version of it until now.

Last night The Chainsmokers posted a video that's got everyone excited. During a set in Philly, they blew the crowd away with a new version of 'Closer' with a MASSIVE drop, watch the last part of the video below to hear it. We're not sure whose work it is but we love it and want to hear more!!!

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