The Ed Sheeran Line EVERYONE Is Talking About From GOT

Last night you may have noticed a face that seemed a little random while you were watching ‘Game of Thrones’ - the sight of Ed Sheeran sitting, singing by the campfire both annoyed and delighted viewers.

We knew the cameo, like winter, was coming - but viewers have a few thoughts now that the episode has wrapped up.

Like, what was the point of Ed being in the episode at all?

Especially as he was part of a Lannister crew - and Arya CLEARLY should have killed the lot of them.

Others thought the line about his song, when Arya asked about the song, and Ed replied, “It’s a new one,” was a blatant plug for his music, or intended to be funny.

NOT really the point of Game of Thrones, given then just minutes earlier, Arya had wiped out an entire tavern full of people in a gruesome poisonous sweep. Gruesome to funny doesn’t really work.

While we LOVED seeing Ed in the episode, we WISH he and Arya could have been involved in some sort of sword fight, or something equally as awesome.

Ah well!

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