The Hanson Brothers Are Now Brewing Beer

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The Hanson brothers - yes, the MMMBop boys (apologies for the ear worm) are now brewing beer.

Even though it's been quite a few years since those MMMBop days they're still making music, but they are also pleasantly obsessed with craft beer.

So obsessed, in fact, that they've launched their own, a pale ale. Care to guess the name? Give it a moment. You'll get there. You can now pop open an 'Mmmhops'.

Their music careers have chugged along pleasantly since 1997, the year MMMBop was seared into our pop ethos. Careers quiet by industry standards, yet robust enough with a fervent fan core to keep the brothers happy. Meanwhile, 18 years of tours and time on the road means they've sampled a whole lot of good (and bad) beer.

"We travelled the world as kids and we got turned on to great beer," said Isaac Hanson. "At some point you decide to take something you really like and turn it into a business you love."

Let's flashback to MMMBop for a moment (article continues below):

A few years ago - around the same time they launched the Hop Jam beer and music festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma - they started playing around with making their own beer. The brothers found they not only enjoyed the process, but the results weren't so bad, either. So at the end of their 2013 tour, they put off work on a new album to focus on brewing. Eventually, they contracted with Mustang Brewing Company in Oklahoma City to make the operation legit and today Mmmhops - winner of a gold medal from the Beverage Tasting Institute in 2014 - is available in 16 states.

Though the brothers - now all married and all with multiple children - see their music and beer in a symbiotic relationship, they're not averse to the thrill of one outshining the other.

"Hey! We won a gold medal for our beer before we won a Grammy," said Taylor Hanson. "I'll take that!"

Despite the name the beer isn't overtly hoppy. Because sometimes the pun must lead. But snicker if you will; it's actually a pretty good beer: citrusy, clean tasting and totally drinkable. The brothers see it as an entry point to craft brews, particularly for fans of their music. An odd correlation? Not really. Craft brews, the Hanson brothers and their fans all came of age together. "The fans literally have grown up with us," said Taylor Hanson.

Soon they may have more bottles to choose from. Zac Hanson says the trio is working on additional beers, including a saison, an amber and something a bit hoppier.

Want to listen to Hanson now? (We know you want to!) Tune in here.

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