The Justin Timberlake Selfie Kid Has Been Revealed

Justin Timberlake ended his Super Bowl LII halftime performance amongst the crowd at the U.S. Bank Stadium with "Can't Stop the Feeling," but the most prominent moment of his finale was when he stopped mid-performance to snap a selfie with a 13-year-old teen by the name of Ryan McKenna.

Immediately after the performance, McKenna, went viral on social media and it sounds like he's adapting well to his new-found fame.

"I kind of just jumped in there. It was crazy," Ryan told ABC News of his moment with Timberlake, who he described as his "favorite singer." "I'm not going to get that opportunity again, and I just kind of went for it."

McKenna's moment also since led to 8,000 new followers on social media. Speaking on Good Morning America, the seventh-grader said: "Right after, immediately right after, my phone just exploded." Asked whether he went to sleep last night, McKenna said that he called it quits at 2 AM and had to wake up just mere hours later. If anything, it seems like his shining moment helped lessen the loss that his Patriots suffered at the hands of the Eagles.

Aside from McKenna, it wasn't all positive reactions to Timberlake's set, particularly since his tribute to Prince divided audiences. Still, it seems like the homage pleased the late pop icon's half-brother, Omarr Baker, who took to Twitter to share a thumbs up emoji in response to a fan, who called Timberlake's duet of "I Would Die 4 U" "a beautiful tribute." Scroll on below to relive Justin Timberlake's highly-anticipated set.

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