New Video Of Justin & Selena Hugging Is Actually The Cutest

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are sending the world into a FRENZY right now.

They are PLAYING with us so badly, riding bikes together - the whole head on the shoulder bit, it’s mental.

Now, a video has surfaced of the pair hugging as Justin comes off the ice hockey rink, via the Daily Mail.

He’s in his gear and Selena is in a black hoodie, Pretty Little Liars style.

Everyone knows how much the Biebs loves his ice hockey - and we’re now realising through it all, how much he loves his Selena, too.

The footage of the super sweet hug comes just a day after a snapchat story did the rounds online, showing Selena seemingly singing Taylor Swift’s ’Gorgeous’ to the Biebs over FaceTime, as he lays in bed and smiles over how much he love his sweet girl.

Sorry Jelena fans, a little detective work shows us that JB’s footage was actually from February this year… but I might continue to believe that with the accuracy of the timing and the cuteness, it’s real.


Source: Cosmopolitan

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