The 'Old' Weeknd Killed Off In New "Starboy" Music Video

In an epic cinema-like video directed by Grant Singer, a longtime collaborator of The Weeknd, the RnB singer displays a dramatic representation of his 'old' self dying, and resurrecting as a new artist, with a new look. 

Who kills The Weeknd though?

In the video (above), The Weeknd we all know from "Beauty Behind the Madness" is seen tied up by a masked man who strangles his captive. Shortly after it's revealed that The Weeknd has actually strangled himself, his 'old' self, the masked man is actually the new, Starboy-era version of the singer.

What follows is utter chaos and destruction of his past, including trophies, awards and posters from his previous successes.

At the end of the clip, a black cat is shown jumping into a car, but a following shot shows a black panther riding in the car alongside The Weeknd, suggesting he has now grown and matured from his previous self and holds the courage, valor and power a panther symbolizes, while still appearing mystique.

All we can say is we absolutely love this new birth of The Weeknd and can't wait for more. "Starboy" is the title track off the R&B singer's upcoming album, to be released on November 25th.

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