The One HUGE ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Change You Didn’t Notice

If you've already seen Beauty and The Beast, then you will know what we mean when we say, "OHMYGOD THAT WAS THE MOST MAGICAL THING I'VE EVER SEEN."


However, there was a few subtle changes in the film from the animated version. For example, Lumiere's girlfriend and the castle's maid is called "Plumette" rather than "Fifi." But there was another change you may not have picked up on, and it involved Mrs Potts. 


In the original film, Mrs Potts' face was centered around her spout, which acted as her nose. She had the memorable purple trim around the top and bottom and gave you major mum vibes. However, in the remake, she's quite different.


Instead, Mrs Potts is covered in a gold, floral pattern. She doesn't have a spout nose and her face is printed on the side. She's basically unrecognisable, until she speaks. 

Granted that the film isn't a cartoon, it makes sense why Disney had to give Mrs Potts a makeover. "The toughest one was probably Mrs. Potts. Fans have a rabid interest and sense of ownership of Mrs Potts," Director Bill Condon said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Production did everything they could to keep Mrs Potts' famous spout nose, but, as Condon explained, "there was no way to make that appealing in three dimensions."

We love Mrs Potts, however she looks. 

Source: Bustle

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