The Photo That Proves Who Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Really

Justin Bieber has been flirting with the idea that he and Hailey Baldwin are close for a while now, but they’ve also told us that they were best friends in the past - so you know, we believed him.

She’s been around since he was with Selena and the two just seemed to get on really well.

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However, even after the ‘Jelena’ cameo in a Hollywood restaurant just a matter of weeks ago, where Justin serenaded Selena with a rendition of ‘My Girl’, Hailey has still come out on top - with his heart.

I'll take that

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Yes, Justin has just posted a positively steamy pic of he and Hailey locking lips while on vacation - and he tagged her - proudly, if I might add.

Yes, Hailey is there alongside Justin’s dad and his little brother and sister - okay, okay, it seems kind of obvious now.

They’ve been posting pics like crazy, and though some are cute and close, Justin has been known to do that with many of his girl friends, like Kendall Jenner - and big sister Kourtney, for that matter...

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