The Wiggles Have Collaborated With An Absolute Aussie Icon

Jimmy Barnes is the guy the Aussie 'working class' idolise but it turns out that's not the only group that look to him as a major role model. 

The rocker's grandson, Dylan, absolutely adores his grandpa and vice versa - to the point that Barnes is using his musical talent to corner the children's market. 


Teaming up with The Wiggles (the original purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt is even getting involved!), Barnes has created a book and album titled 'Och Aye the G'Nu'.

No that isn't some new Aussie slang, apparently the story is of a 'G'Nu' which is a Scottish wildebeest. 


The stories are inspired by his cheeky red-haired grandson, so they are no doubt heartfelt and fun. 

Plus, having veteran Wiggle Anthony Field as producer, we're pretty confident it will be a smash with the kids across Australia. 

We'll have to keep an eye out for it on the shelves! Do you have any youngins in your life that could do with an introduction to Jimmy? 

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