There Even More Bad News For Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem isn’t having the best month when it comes to driving.

Just last month, the singer lost her license for speeding offences and now the Advertising Standards Board have upheld a complaint about her Apple Music advert.

Apple has now modified the ad featuring Goodrem and a driver enjoying music on a road trip.

Mumbrella is reporting that the ad drew a complaint when it first aired during the Voice finale, alleging it breached community standards for health and safety as she was not wearing a visible seatbelt.

Delta Goodrem is not wearing a seatbelt while travelling in a moving vehicle on the road. As a role model for young people this is setting a terrible example to young drivers and passengers at a time when statistics show us how at risk this age group is on the road,” the complainant said.

The submission to the Board also pointed out the commercial further broke road rules because her head and arm were outside a moving vehicle for brief moments.

It is alleged her singing and dancing could be distracting for the driver.

Apple responded to the complaint by explaining that both Goodrem and the driver were wearing lap belts during the filming.

The ASB said “The majority of the Board noted that Delta is seen as a role model to younger people and considered that a depiction of Delta dancing and moving around in a motor vehicle with no clearly visible safety belt is likely to imply to younger viewers that no seatbelt is being worn and that a relaxed attitude to safety in a moving motor vehicle is acceptable,” “The Board noted that in one scene Delta has her head leaning out of the open window with her arm resting just outside the vehicle, and in a later scene Delta has her elbow resting on the open window with her hand resting on the top of the window frame, external to the vehicle.

The Board considered that these depictions are a breach of the Road Rules.”

Apple was upset with the decision as they had taken steps to edit the video.

“Apple is disappointed with the decision of the Advertising Standards Bureau, as Apple takes health and safety very seriously,” the company stated.

“As set out in our original response, Apple has inserted a disclaimer stating that lap seat belts are worn to make it abundantly clear that the driver and passenger are both wearing seat belts while the vehicle is being driven.

“This disclaimer is appearing already in the advertisement.

“Apple is also editing the spot by replacing scenes where the passenger’s arm and hand are on the car window frame.”

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