Theory That Chyna And Tyga Just Pulled A Kardashian Scam

As if we haven't heard enough Kardashian drama in the past month to last us a lifetime, there are now conspiracy theorists that literally think Tyga and Black Chyna have just pulled off the ULTIMATE scam on the famous family.

And to be honest, it actually sounds plausible...

Now strap in and get ready to concentrate because things are about to get real complicated while we try to explain this:

People are starting to think that Tyga and Chyna came up with a mischievous and well, we have to say kind of geniusly evil plan back in 2014 when they "split".

The rumours are that the pair decided to each go after a member of the Kar/Jenner clan, which is when they respectively started dating Kylie and Rob.

And why did they want to infiltrate the family? For nothing more than money and fame.

Apparently the goal was to revive Tyga's rap career and put his music back in the spotlight, as well as to build up Chyna's celebrity status with a spinoff reality show and a Kardashian baby-daddy locked in.

Conspiracy theorists then allege that after an appropriate amount of time, so that no one would suspect their plan, Tyga and Chyna would break things off in their "fake" relationships and get back together to reap all of the benefits of their ultimate scam.

And well, if the latest headlines are anything to go by, Chyna and Tyga, who already share a son together, have been spending a suspicious amount of time together recently.

Hollywood Life have also recently said that a Tyga and Chyna reality series is on the cards that is said to "expose their secrets"...

Yep...Wow. MIND. BLOWN.

But seriously, if this is true, which we seriously hope it isn't because that would mean baby Dream was the project of a relationship scam, then we would think that Tyga and Chyna should be afraid...VERY afraid.

Everyone knows that Hell hath no fury like a Kardashian scorned!

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