Tove Lo Goes Topless At Album Launch Party

Photo: Instagram

Swedish singer Tove Lo, our NEXT artist to perform for iHeartRadio LIVE powered by Optus, definitely knows how to make a statement!

At an album launch party in London for her new album "Lady Wood", a record overflowing with female sexual empowerment, Tove Lo performed topless, except for some well-placed glittering cannabis leaves covering her nipples.

Her set started out quite tame, and fully clothed, with the seductively steamy performance ramping up as the music progressed, dance moves and crotch-fondling to match.

In a recent interview with The Guardian she explained: "I just feel for me, sex and music have always been very connected. Being open about being a woman, and being open about sex, is not a bad thing. And the other thing is like, would they ever ask a guy this? Ever?"

"I feel like I grew up in a place where nudity and sex is something natural and not shameful. Here [in the US] they’re like: "Oh, you’re a bad girl, aren’t you? You go against the rules." That’s not at all what I’m trying to say or do here. It’s about just not feeling like it’s something bad. All of a sudden, I’m fighting this fight I didn’t know I needed to fight."

We're not fighting with you Tove, not at all. If you'd like to see her at our next iHeartRadio LIVE (and we know you do), click here to enter NOW (comp closing soon).


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