Watch Gigi Hadid AWKWARDLY Shake Harry Styles’ Hand

An awards ceremony is a momentous occasion, where the creme de la creme of Hollywood get together and celebrate their amazingness.

However, there are always land mines to be cautious off, especially if you’ve made a few enemies.

Or, if you’re part of a fiercely loyal ‘squad' - it seems.

On the red carpet at the American Music Awards, Giuliana Rancic was interviewing One Direction when Gigi Hadid approached.

Giuliana asked if she knew any of the One Direction boys - and awkwardness ensued.

Check it out below. Poor Harry only got a handshake, while the rest of the band got a big hug!

Is it revenge for Taylor, who's heart was allegedly broken by Harry - or something to do with the fact that Gigi is said to be dating Zayn - and maybe it’s awkward?


Source: Cosmopolitan

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