WATCH: Shawn Mendes Fell Off The Stage At Canada Concert

Before we get into this we should probably put Shawn Mendes fans at ease by prefacing this story with the fact that the singer is okay and the only thing that was actually hurt was his ego.

Okay now let’s…dive…right in. Too soon?

The ‘In My Blood’ singer was performing on stage in Quebec in his hometown of Canada recently when he took a literal dive and fell off the stage.

The incident occurred when Mendes attempted a pretty dramatic jump in the middle of one of his songs. Everything was looking fine until it came to the dismount and he appeared to completely misjudge his landing.

Judging from the video footage, it looks as if Shawn intended to jump down to a lower platform but he didn't realise just how far down it was. When his legs met the ground they crumbled beneath him, casuing him to fall flat on his behind.

Shawn’s fall was met with a resounding gasp from those in the crowd but thankfully he wasn’t terribly hurt during the stumble and actually got straight back up and kept performing. What a trooper!

The singer later took to twitter to reassure his fans that he’s doing fine after the fall but he was definitely freaked out by the incident, callling it "insane".

Thankfully no blood was shed and there were definitely no ‘Stiches’ needed. Let’s just hope that this accident won’t be ‘Holding him back’ at the next performance!

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