WATCH: Stage Invader Puts Their Gum In Camila Cabello's Hair

Camila Cabello was mid-performance when she was attacked with gum!

The former Fifth-Harmony singer was on stage at Lollapalooza Chile when a random stage invader approached her, shoved past her, reached into her mouth and stuck her gum in Camila's hair. 

Fortunately the incident didn't phase Camila, with the performance carrying on seamlessly. 

Now attention has turned to how this girl even ended up on stage in the first place, with many of Camila's fans blowing up on Twitter.

"Give her the security she needs and deserves so that some random rude person doesn’t walk up stage to shove her or put gum in hair mid performance," @CamilaSayImCute wrote.

Another fan pointed out that what happened to the late Christina Grimmie should be enough incentive for extra security. 

"The person deadass put their nasty chewed up gum on camila’s body and festival security didn’t do sh*t. not that this harmed her but how do they treat things like this so lightly after what happened to christina grimme??" they wrote.

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