We Now Know If Katy Perry Is In Taylor Swift's 'End Game'

Taylor Swift fans brace yourselves.

The music video for End Game has been released and OMG.

Swift travelled the world to give us this clip – with set locations in Miami, London and Japan.

The song, with features Ed Sheeran and Future who also have cameos in the video, is the latest single release on her new Reputation album.

So the big question on everyone’s lips?

Is Katy Perry featured in the video like was rumoured?

I mean she was 'spotted' through a very blurry long range pap shot on the boat in Miami, and the 'Swish Swish" singer was in Miami at the time of the video clip filming... 

The answer?



Can you believe it? After all the spottings of a woman with a very similar blonde pixie cut as Katy Perry, it is in fact just another backup dancer. Was it a publicity stunt?

The Tay – Katy beef all started with Perry allegedly stealing Swift’s backup dancers, so is this another dig at the “Swish Swish” singer or a complete accident?

(Let’s face it, there’s rarely ‘careless accidents’ when it comes to Taylor!)

End game is all about big reputations in music, life and love – so it’s an interesting inclusion.

Meanwhile, snakes are still a popular theme in the clip... So Taylor really is holding a grudge. 

We’re guessing we won’t see Kim and Kayne appearing in the background of any of Taylor Swift’s future film clips either?

We’re just waiting for all of the theories to come out about the symbolism and small hints and nuggets buried in this film clip that we missed first watch.

All we can say is – Tay Swift has done it again!

The clip definitely shows a more laid back Taylor than normal – doing shots and chugging beer… Sitting around in her dressing gown… Partying her way through London, Miami and Japan. And ending it all with a post-drinking kebab.

Seriously can we join in?

It seems a lot of the partying seems to take place over New Year's Eve, so could that mean her next single could be the ballad New Year's Day? 

Bring on her Reputation tour! We literally can’t wait!


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