We Sit Down With MaRLo For A Q&A Ahead Of ASOT 850

We find out how the Dutch-born Aussie DJ is feeling in the lead up to ASOT 850, and what it's like to work with the one and only Armin van Buuren!

Q: What does it mean to be playing on the ASOT 850 lineup

A: I’ve played at a lot of the ASOT parties all around the world, but to play in my own hometown just makes it that extra special. The crowds at ASOT parties are always massive and way up for it, it’s one of the big highlights of the year for sure!

Q: Why is ASOT such an enduring entity?

A: The event is closely tied to Armin Van Buuren and his ASOT radio show so it’s an event people really look forward to. The production and sound is second to none in the world.

Q: Armin VB seems like such a great guy. What’s he like to work with?

A: Yeah he’s awesome. I’ve known Armin and his family a very long time now and I bump into him all over the globe somewhere almost every month. He’s the hardest working dj in the scene... to have a family with 2 kids, a weekly radio show, multiple record labels that he looks after as well as a full touring schedule as well and still releasing his own music regularly as well. I honestly don’t know how he does it! It’s inspirational to work with other artists with such dedication and passion as he has.

Q: Tell us one thing about AVB nobody knows. Eg a habit, fave food, how he has his coffee...

A: He loves to barbecue on his Kamado Joe.

Q: People often dress up in theme for events like this. Any costumes stand out?

A: I’ve noticed during my sets that more and more people are starting to wear bunny ears or masks - in relation to the bunny from my video clips “Enough Echo”, “Leave My Hand” and of course “Darkside”

Q: Do you still dig playing vinyl?

A: I haven’t played on vinyl in years, but last time I did - it was a lot of fun and a trip down memory lane playing all the classics :)

MaRLo’s new single feat Roxanne Emery ‘A Thousand Seas’ is out to stream or download now.

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