Why The Weeknd Wasn't Game To Fly Solo At The Met Gala

Awkward encounters at celebrity events are inevitable, considering the rate some of these people date around.

Turns out The Weeknd could Feel It Coming and decided to skip out on the Met Gala all together, to avoid a possible encounter with either of his most recent exes - Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid.

He has a very rocky past with both girls and apparently “felt he couldn’t deal with either of them on that night and felt more comfortable blowing off the event”.

Something that he didn’t factor in however, was that his exes were going to be in the same room

Photos have since surfaced of Bella Hadid’s sister, Gigi, meeting Selena Gomez on the Met steps. Very Gossip Girl.


The gals were seen on the livestream exchanging awkward small talk.

We can only imagine The Weeknd sat at home, doors locked, watching the livestream with a bag of popcorn thanking this lucky stars that he stayed home.

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