Woman Got The ‘Perfect’ Proposal At Ed Sheeran’s Concert

These days at concerts the crowd is filled with more lights than the stage as people get out their mobile phones to film their favourite songs. And so naturally, at Ed Sheeran’s Sydney concert on Saturday 17th March, most people pressed record as soon as Ed began one of his most popular love songs, ‘Perfect’.

But one fan in the crowd of thousands, Kayla Youdan, ended up filming something much bigger than just Ed’s perfect voice as the couple in front of her actually got engaged during the middle of the song!

In the footage Shane Hillys can be seen grabbing his girlfriend, Maddie Johns' hand and got her to slow dance with him to the song. Then suddenly, Shane drops to one knee and pops the question to Maddie, to which the nearby crowd responds with loud cheers.

“So ‘Perfect’ came on…and he sort of got me up to dance and said spin,” Maddie told The Kyle & Jackie O Show. “I thought, ‘you’re ridiculous’, we’re in this stadium, there’s no room, and I spun and he was on one knee.”

In the footage which has now gone viral, Maddie is visibly shocked and cries tears of joy, but quickly responds yes to her now finance.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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