Woman In Tay Tay's New Music Video Becomes Internet Darling

Taylor Swift recently debuted the new music video for her latest single "Delicate" and while it's not going to make Tay Tay more or less famous, it has made an internet sensation for one of the bit-part players.

From 2:34 to 2:43, we see a woman named Junko Cheng (who only recently took up acting as a bit of a lark) who now has a 9-second cameo of her ignoring one of the most notable people on the planet.

She became internet-famous after her daughter tweeted this about her:

"This is my mom.  She’s 57 and felt like pursuing acting recently… mostly for sh**s and giggles, but here she is. So beautiful".  Junko retweeted the sweet tweet, adding "I actually made my teenage daughter proud. #winning".

Both tweets quickly went viral and Junko has found herself in demand for interviews on what it's like to be in on Taylor Swift set.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Junko says this was her first audition: "I don’t know why, but I got the job right away...  I didn’t know what this was for. I knew it was a music video, that’s all I knew. Initially, it said for an unnamed male artist so they really kept it under wraps."

She signed a series of non-disclosure agreements before she was told anything, and the crew were REALLY serious about it.  She recalls: "The guy that met me with a clipboard said, “Just remember when you leave this place, this didn’t happen, okay?” So everybody inside, the other actors that were inside, were like, “This must be legit. We don’t know who it is, but it must be legit.”

The moment she found out she was going to work with Tay Tay made the next 6 weeks very difficult, with Junko not even able to tell her kids what she'd been a part of: "I almost fell out of my chair. I had to swear to secrecy for 5 or 6 weeks before the video came out. I was dying. But it was so fun."

And as for what's next, Junko offers some wisdom: "As I get older and some of my peers are starting to die — not of tragic accidents, but natural causes and heart attacks and cancer — I don’t know how much longer I have here on earth, but I want to do the best with whatever time I have left. Maybe I could be a Betty White and live to be 90-something, but I’m just going to enjoy and do my best with whatever I get to do."

Morbid and inspirational...  Morbinspirational?