WATCH! You HAVE To See Zayn Malik’s New Music Video

In other 1D news, Zayn Malick (and his newly shaved BLONDE hair) has released a new song with Aussie songstress, Sia.

The song called Dusk Till Dawn has also been released with an EPIC video clip.

Zayn and Girls alum Jemima Kirke, star as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.

Each of them are shown walking with a mysterious suitcase – but when Z is caught by the cops, we think it’s all over red rover.

But ALAS, Zayn’s suitcase is EMPTY! GASP!

What happens next? You’ll just have to watch… but there’s mystery, intrigue, suspense and action.

Bang! Bang! We think Zayn has a winner on his hands.

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