You'll Never Guess Who 1D's Niall Horan Was Caught Kissin

Niall Horan is known as the eternally single member of One Direction... but it appears he may have got real lucky over the weekend.

The 1D star had a busy weekend and spent Saturday at the wedding of his close pal and One Direction bassist Sandy Beals and then he caught up with his best mate Laura Whitmore on Sunday.

While he got no action there, there is another person who he has kind of been seen with.

Journalist Natalia Jorquera, who he apprently got a little romantically involved with at last years Apple Music Festival.

LIC in the house

A photo posted by Natalia Jorquera (@natalia_jorquera) on

They caught up over the weekend too and Niall looked really comfortable around her. He can be seen planting a kiss on her in one photo and another has his arm draped around Natalia, too.


A photo posted by Natalia Jorquera (@natalia_jorquera) on

Is this love?

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