Family Member CONFIRMS Hailey And Justin Are Already Married

The big question on everyone’s lips at the moment is: are Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin already married? And we have to say it’s seriously looking like it because there is PLENTY of evidence pointing to a secret wedding.

Rumours started spreading that the couple had already tied the know after they were spotted at a New York City courthouse last week getting their marriage certificate. But was that all they were doing?

TMZ reported at the time that Hailey and JB were spotted inside the Marriage Bureau looking incredibly emotional and speaking with a court official, leading many people to speculate that they had tied the knot.

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After these rumours started spreading Hailey took to Twitter to try and shut them down writing, “I understand where the speculation is coming from, but I’m not married yet!” This post has since been deleted.

But clearly, Hailey’s Uncle, Alec Baldwin, didn’t get the memo that the secret wedding was supposed to be kept on the DL because he just let it slip on the Emmy’s red carpet yesterday that his niece is already a married woman.

During a red-carpet interview with Access a reporter asked, “How wild does a Baldwin wedding get?”

“Well they went off and got married,” said Alec. “And I don’t know what the deal is because we text Hailey every now and then and we met him [Justin] one time, but as I said, when you get married you know I think it works best if you could really be together.”

Now we know there's some serious Alec waffling going on there, but he literally said they’re “married”, so it’s kind of hard to argue with that!

Congrats to the Biebs and Hailey if it’s true!

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