Fifth Harmony REVEAL Plans Post-Camila

It came as a shock to the world when Camila Cabello quit Fifth Harmony last December and in the immediate aftermath there was a lot of conflicting accounts of what actually went down.

But fast forward seven months and the group are determined to keeping their strong friendship and are moving on with their new single ‘Down’.

“We’re doing greater than ever right now amongst the four of us. We’re starting from the ground up,” Normani Kordei told Metro in the UK.

The foursome also explained why they decided to keep the name Fifth Harmony.

“The fans named us Fifth Harmony. And now they’re the fifth member,” Dinah Jane said.

The girls even revealed that they got a standing ovation from none other than notoriously tough cookie Simon Cowell. That is NO easy feat.

“We came over to his house, played him some of our records and he was super excited. He even gave us a standing ovation!” 20-year-old Dinah Jane said.

Five years on from the start of their global success, Lauren revealed they’re getting more and more creative control of their songs.

“A song was presented to us and we went back to the label to say, ‘No, this isn’t us, this isn’t our image.’  We really fought to make our voices heard and that song never came to light.”

5H’s new song also came out on 2 June, the SAME day Camilla featured on a new collaboration ‘Know No Better’ with Major Lazer, Travis Scott and Quavo.


Serious shade or just coincidence?  

By Amy McShane 

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