Selena Gomez & The Weeknd Have Adopted A Puppy Together!

You know what, we're big enough to admit when we're wrong.

When Selena Gomez and The Weeknd AKA Abel Tesfaye were first papped kissing each other outside of a restaurant about nine months ago, we genuinely didn't think their relationship would last this long.

It had a little to do with the fact that they went totally Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston and were all over each other all the time and a lot to do with how we just still weren't over Abel's split from ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid.

But, like we said, we were wrong. Abelena are slowly but surely becoming #RelationshipGoals and they genuinely look so loved-up that even our ice-cold hearts are starting to thaw.

And now they're becoming a family! Sel and her boyf were spotted cuddling puppies at a pet store about 10 days ago, with one of the lucky dogs moving into the ex-Disney star's house a week later.

"I walked into a pet store just to play [with] the puppies and Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were just chillin, also playing with puppies," one witness Tweeted. "They both looked so happy."


Image via Twitter

And according to a fan account, the new addition to the Abelena family has been named Charlie.

While this isn't Selena's first dog - according to Get Leashed magazine, the singer has six dogs - it IS the first she shares with a boyfriend, which is a massive relationship milestone.

Can anyone else hear wedding bells?

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