Nicki Minaj Adds Verse About Stephen Colbert to New Song

Nicki Minaj dropped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to talk about her new album, and latest hit single, 'Barbie Dreams'. In the song, Minaj jokingly disses several popular hip-hop artists, such as Drake, Eminem and 50 Cent. 

“This one’s getting a lot of attention for some of the famous men you call out in this and you … in no uncertain terms describe reasons why these men would not be able to — as the kids say — ‘get with you,'” Colbert says, before running through the list of names.

“But I noticed I am not on the list of men … I’m just … it’s a pretty comprehensive list! And I’m just curious, if I were to make the list, how might you inform me?”

So, do you think Nicki could put together a verse for Stephen Colbert? You bet! 

We think it's safe to say that Nicki Minaj is well and truly a 'Queen'.

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