Nicole Millar Releases Her Debut Album

Nicole Millar has one of the most recognisable voices in Australian music.

For the past few years, it's been hard to avoid the ARIA award-winning Peking Duk track, High, featuring Millar's ethereal vocals singing "I'm high and rising /Alive now/ I'm fine 'cause I let you go".

The triple-platinum seller was only the second song Millar had ever released, but teaming with the Canberra dance duo started the ball rolling on her unexpected music career.

"I always loved singing in my room by myself to my cassette and recording songs on there. I always had a love for it but didn't know that was what I wanted to do," Millar told AAP.

After some encouragement from her performing arts school, the Canadian-born, Sydney-based singer pursued music and created a MySpace page.

Once Peking Duk found her and featured her, everything took off.

"It just clicked," she said.

"I worked with Peking Duk and it just kept spiralling."

A record deal with EMI in Australia followed and Millar released an EP in 2016. Now she is set to release her debut album, Excuse Me, featuring 15 electro-pop songs she co-wrote in Sydney and in Sweden.

"For my album I wanted to touch base on a few different topics. I feel like in my previous EP a lot of the songs were just about love, which is easy for me to write about, but for my album I didn't want to just have an album about boys and love," she said.

"I have a song about stressing about money and wanting to not think about it. And then a song about staying with your girlfriends at a hotel and being a bit rogue and pretending to be rich. And just light-hearted fun songs, there's a whole mixture in there."

The album is a reflection of her and launches Millar onto the world as a solo artist in her own right, showing there's more to her than people might think.

"I just wanted to touch base and get people to know a bit more about what's going on in my head rather than just love songs."

* Excuse Me is out on June 1.


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