Rihanna Just Teased A New Mystery Fenty Beauty Item

When Rihanna first dropped her new makeup brand Fenty Beauty, girls everywhere went absolutely cray cray for every single product.

The foundation: gives you a matte look, yet it's super soft and did we mention comes in 40 different shades?!

The highlight Match Stix: The prettiest shimmer that we've ever seen that give your cheek bones a look that's brighter than a spotlight.

The eyeshadow palette: We have three words. PIGMENTED AS HELL!!

We could go on forever with this...And so you can understand that when RiRi posted a sneak peak at the new mystery product coming to Fenty Beauty on her instagram story, we were instantly excited.

And we've already started saving up to buy it as soon as it drops, despite the fact that we don't actually know what it is yet...

Speculation has already begun by super fans of the beauty range (like us) about what the top secret product could be, with many suggesting it could be a new deep purple/navy lippy that Rihanna wore herself a little while ago.

Our best guess is that it might be a liquid concealer, and if her foundation is anything to go by, it's going to be a darn good one.

But our girl RiRi isn't giving away any other clues...not yet anyway! But sit tight beauty friends, we'll surely find out soon. And when we do, we'll be racing down to the nearest Sephora to get our hands on one!

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