Saturday Night Live Roasts HAIM With Help From Nicki Minaj

Saturday Night Live's 43rd season ended with a bang, with musical guest Nicki Minaj joining SNL legends Tina Fey, Kate McKinnon, and Aidy Bryant for the 'Friendship Song' - a Haim-inspired tune that's all about "lifting you up" by tearing everyone else down.

Fey, McKinnon and Bryant all nail Haim's signature "HA's!" and Este's famous bass face, with Minaj joining in for a sassy guest verse.

Watch it below:

How did the Haim sisters react? They were understandably starstruck, and made sure the Internet knew it!

am I dreaming? is this real? does this mean tina fey is me?! this is too much

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So.... where can we buy this song? Can we expect it on Haim's next album? Fingers crossed!

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