Sia Has Released Her Own M.A.C Lipstick Shade

When you think of Sia, you think mysterious, edgy, creative and now you'll think GLAM!

While of course Sia's most iconic fashion look would have to be the black and white cruella devil-ish wig that covers her entire face during each performance, she is also known to wear a brightly coloured red.

(We wouldn't blame you if you hadn't noticed this detail about her...that wig is quite distracting.)

And now it seems that you can rock the vibrant colour too with the singer set to release her own shade of lipstick with M.A.C cosmetics for a campaign called Viva Glam Sia.


Unfortunately we won't see this mysterious shade of red in time for Christmas but we do know that it will be officially released on February 12 2018 and therefore will be available to accessorise your makeup look for valentine's day!

And what's even better, it's for a REALLY good cause. In fact, every single cent of the lipstick's selling price goes towards the M.A.C AIDS Fund which works towards helping women, men and children living with or who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

In other words, just one of these lipsticks can cover the cost of one rapid oral HIV test, two nights in a clean, safe place for one resident living with HIV/AIDS, ten nutritious meals, 32 safer sex kits and much more for people in need.

So not only can your lips pop just like Sia's in this rich red lipstick, but you can also help out a really good cause!

The Viva Glam Sia warm, vivid red (matte) lipstick will be available for purchase next year from all M.A.C Cosmetics stores and it will only cost you $36.

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