The Weeknd Caught Sneaking Out Of Bella Hadid's Apartment

There were, broadly speaking, two vastly differing reactions to the news that Selena Gomez and her on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again (repeat for 30 seconds) boyfriend Justin Bieber were, once more, on again: Intense joy or unequivocal confusion.

We were the latter. Why would Selena go back there for the, what, fifteenth time? She had moved on. WE had moved on.

But for some unknown reason Selena hasn't been taking much of our advice recently so we just have to let her do what she needs to do.

And then these photos of Sel's recently dumped ex The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) sneaking out of HIS ex Bella Hadid's house hit the internet and we squealed.

Actually, legitimately squealed. They've been reunited!

According to the photo agency peddling the snaps, Abel spent "several hours there" before he attempted to run out of the building, resulting in one of our favourite pap shots of the year.

"Bella and Abel have been in contact since Abel and Selena split, but they are not back together," a source told E! News.

"Abel reached out to Bella asking to hang out and catch up and she decided to see him and see where things go.

"She knows if they don't date again, they can at least be good friends."

Sorry, but you don't look that sheepish sneaking out of your "friend"'s house.

We're calling it: Abella are back on and we are here. for. IT.

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