Tiffany Haddish FINALLY Let Slip Who Bit Beyonce On The Face

It seems that the story behind an actress biting Beyonce on the face has finally come full circle.

When news first broke that someone had dared to sink their teeth into the masterpiece that is Queen Bey, the main question on everyone’s lips was ‘WHO?!’ because seriously who the heck would do something like that?

Tiffany Haddish was speaking with GQ Magazine when she told them about the crazy story that took place at one of Jay-Z’s infamous parties in December 2017, but she decided to keep the name of the culprit hush, hush.

That is until now, after Haddish recently had another interview, this time with The Hollywood Reporter, and may have accidentally confirmed who dunnit. And it seems that the actress in question was right under our noses this whole time.

During the interview, Haddish actually asked the interviewer who she thought had taken a nibble on Bey’s face. The Hollywood Reporter journalist said that they whispered back the name “Sanaa Lathan”, who was one of the original suspects.

And well, Haddish responded with a VERY telling smile. She then went on to say that Sanaa Lathan’s family had been angry with her after she made it public that an actress bit Beyonce’s face and people started guessing that Sanaa was behind it.

“I’m super good friends with her stepmom and her dad, and they were mad at me,” said Haddish.

“They were like, ‘Why would you do this to the family? You know, black actresses, you guys have to stick together, it’s so hard for you guys to get work as it is, why would you try to ruin her career?’ “But I didn’t try to ruin her career. I never said her name! I was just trying to say how Beyonce kept me from goin’ to jail that night. I could just shut my whole career down.”

Sanaa Lathan was originally listed as one of the main suspects in the Beyonce biting fiasco but she denied it publicly. “Y'all are funny,” she said in a tweet. “Under no circumstances did I bite Beyonce and if I did it would’ve been a love bite.”

Lathan also spoke out about the rumour in an interview with Health in their June 2018 issue calling it “absurd”.

“I think it’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever been involved with. Thank God I’ve been in this business for 20 years and have had so many rumours about me,” she said. “They used to devastate me in my 20s, but in order to survive in this business, you just have to let it roll.”

So do you think it was Sanaa? I mean if we had bitten Beyonce, we would be going into stern denial too…that girl’s got a MASSIVE following of fans who could easily turn on you. But she seems pretty adamant it wasn’t her.

Tiffany, could you be a little more explicit with your answer next time? WE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!

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