Watch the fan-made video that brought Miley Cyrus to tears

Miley’s fans are known as Smilers but now their latest show of love has brought the singer to tears. Happy tears that is!

A group of dedicated fans put together a video for their idol, showing them holding up handwritten lyrics from her song ‘Inspired’, while singing along.

The sweet video certainly pulled at the heart strings of Miley, who took to Instagram to share the clip with her 69 million followers.

The singer was clearly surprised by the huge gesture, saying she couldn’t believe her fans managed to pull it off without her finding out.

“My fans are beautifully THE BEST! This #Inspired video you all made makes my heart melt !!! (I cried)” Miley wrote.  “How did y'all pull this off without me finding out?!?! Smilers made me mega smile today! Love you all so much! Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

Watch the cute video below:

By Amy McShane

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